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Photography provides me with an outlet to express my thoughts. It gives me a sense of control in this chaotic world. My aim is to portray the beauty of nature from many parts of the world. I have been privileged enough to be able to travel the world and it is up to me to share my experiences. I focus on geometric and design elements of nature and architecture as this brings a new viewpoint of shapes interacting with one another. We live in a world of constant distraction, but if you change your perspective, there is art everywhere. I am a believer in self-improvement and I am often inspired by the artists who have come before me such as Christopher Anderson, and Angelica Dass. They have set up the foundation for my current practice and it is up to the new generation to take those ideas and create something new. I have gained a passion for portrait photography and since have grown to love it. My goal is to pick up my camera and shoot. It is the unplanned shots that are sometimes the best. I strive to maintain consistency in my style while still adding different elements to create a retro, candid, and mysterious sensation. 


In my recent works, I’ve played with and utilized light, as it brings a lush vibrant emotion to my viewers.  Specifically, I capture the beauty of light when it hits my subjects. Photographing the human skin introduces a different and unique dimension to each individual. Photographing portraits in a space that is unknown to my subjects intrigues me as there is a new interaction between nature and humans. When shooting portraits my goal is to get to know my subjects to ensure that there is no gap between the camera lens and the photographer. I enjoy playing with the shallow depth of field to draw the viewer in the specific area of my photograph. My work encompasses a variety of sizes, but I mainly work with 4x5 black and white and/or 16x22 on a Hahnemuhle Inkjet Fine Art Paper. My hope for the future is to explore and push myself out of my comfort zone.


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